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AVP Security’s Authorized Dealer Program defines the framework through which Systems Integrators and Distributors can successfully market, resell, and support AVP surveillance systems. This empowers the dealer with expertise and proficiency to allow them to expand their product offering to their customers, based on AVP products and associated services. We are committed to training and supporting our sales channels and to direct all end-user sales inquiries to the most relevant sales channel. 

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Security DVR’s &
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Cloud Surveillance – VSaaS
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 Security DVRs & Portable Surveillance

To become an Authorized Dealer, you must demonstrate your business specialization in one of three areas– Commercial, Government, or Enterprise. These may be areas where your organization already excels or is looking to add specific products. Whether you’re capitalizing on an existing organizational strength or seeking a new area in which to grow your business, becoming an Authorized Dealer helps to ensure that your organization gets the highest level of support from AVP.

Portable Surveillance Systems

Security DVR Systems

Surveillance Hosting for OEM & Private

Designed for your success, Cloud Surveillance is the most redundant, feature rich, surveillance hosting platform available anywhere. Cloud Surveillance features limitless expansion of cameras, video storage and users. Clients can easily manage their cameras, edit settings, view tutorial videos, and access support resources. Cloud Surveillance requires no local DVR equipment to purchase or maintain.

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