Software Downloads

The following programs are intended to be installed on to the specified systems below and are not guaranteed to operate correctly if installed on anything other than the intended system. If you do not know how or where to properly install the software, We can do it remotely.


V5 & Portable Surveillance software: Contact AVP support for correct software and updates 
Engenius Radio LocatorVivotek Locator

Private Label DVR systems: Contact AVP support for correct software and updates

AVP DVR Software:

6000 Series (Current)

  • Current Version: ver - DOWNLOAD  153MB
  • Previous Version: ver - DOWNLOAD  153MB
  • Previous Version: ver – DOWNLOAD  127MB

3000 / 5000 Series (discontinued)

  • Last Version: (DVR only) ver SP4 – DOWNLOAD  134MB
  • >>>>> Software patch (apply to SP4 version only): – DOWNLOAD 5MB
  • (previous version) : SP3 – DOWNLOAD  140MB
  • >>>>> Software patch (apply to SP3 version only): – DOWNLOAD 7MB
  • (previous version) : SP2 – DOWNLOAD  140MB
  • (previous version) : SP1 – DOWNLOAD  124MB

Client Tools / Software:

Remote Console (client playback software) v7.9 – DOWNLOAD
Webtools v7.9:  DOWNLOAD   60MB (iDispatch, iAlarm, iMatrix, Remote Console, iSetup, iBackup)
iEnhance tools v7.9:  DOWNLOAD  8MB
QPlayer -  DOWNLOAD  2MB (allows playback of .dvr watermarked video files)

IP/MP (Megapixel) Support: 

IP/MP Camera patch  DOWNLOAD   10MB (install to DVR Only)
IP/MP Support List:  DOWNLOAD   (pdf) 

CMS (Central Management Software):

CMS – Central Monitoring Software: DOWNLOAD  29MB  (NV7.7.0.0079)
CMS – Brochure: DOWNLOAD (pdf)
CMS – User Manual: DOWNLOAD (pdf)

Other Software:

(install to DVR only – will not work on client PC):
CD/DVD Software (DVR Only):  DOWNLOAD  398MB (install to DVR only)
RAID (Highpoint) Software (DVR Only):  DOWNLOAD  337MB (install to DVR only)
RAID (Intel) Software (DVR Only):  DOWNLOAD  7MB (install to DVR only)
Recommended configuration file for DVR:


Warning! The software below is for discontinued systems. 

DVR MAIN v5.0  

  • DVR Software - download (install to DVR -ONLY-)
  • DVR NET/CLIENT 4.03.04 download (install to Client PC -ONLY-)
  • DVR Drivers – download
  • DVR Utilities – download

DVR (MUX “BLUE” 30,60,120fps DVR) – Download (user manuals & client software for 4, 8, 16 channel models) 

Elite Tech Software CD – Download

JP2000 Tri-Plex Standalone DVR – OEM Software CD – DOWNLOAD

4ch Triplex DVR – OEM Software – Download