Government Surveillance

We work with government agencies to create the best surveillance solution for any given situation–both for property protection, law enforcement and emergency response. At AVP Security, we can design exactly what you need for almost every situation. With the size and scope of government projects, our focus is to

  1. Understand the unique security environment in which your agency operates
  2. Provide the necessary resources to deal with that environment
  3. Offer our expertise to create the perfect surveillance solution.

Contact us to set up a free consultation and see the difference our expertise makes. We want to make sure you have options for the specific challenges your department or agency faces. | Security Systems | Portable Surveillance Systems |

We’ll prove that perfect is possible.  Learn more about our personalized security systems for…

Rapid Deployment Surveillance for Emergency Response

In the event of a natural disaster, terror attack or other emergency, security is most always the first infrastructure to establish. Rapid deployment security systems can dramatically decrease setup time and allow security officers to devote more time to other emergency management operations. Rapid deployment surveillance technology allows first responders to setup portable surveillance camera systems without tools in minutes and operate wirelessly on secure standalone communications systems. Portable wireless PTZ cameras allow security personnel to pan-tilt-zoom the camera to closely monitor activities a long ways away.  Portable wireless megapixel cameras allow security personnel to monitor/playback super high resolution security video footage that is more than 15x the resolution of a standard CCTV camera. The portable surveillance systems can be connected to satcom radios, wireless data cards or other communications and remotely monitored from anywhere in the world.  View Systems or Request info about portable surveillance for Emergency Management Operations.

Border Security & Surveillance

With border protection being as dangerous and difficult as it is, AVP Security doesn’t believe that you should have to put a bunch of complicated systems together to make it all work while you’re out in the field. That’s why we build exactly what you need. Period. We build compact, intuitive, portable surveillance systems that are simple enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. You need to watch targets from a remote location? Done. Just use the built-in remote access. Need to use as little light as possible during a night-op? Use the back-lit controls. Don’t have electricity? We designed it to switch seamlessly between electric and battery power. Just pull the plug.

Facility Security & Portable Surveillance

We have been industry leaders in providing surveillance solutions to federal, state, and local government and also to police customers. We help to protect thousands of facilities across America. We can meet the needs of your agency and help you protect property and people with smart solutions. From portable surveillance to property surveillance, we know how to secure any size facility. We make choosing the right system easy by offering you a variety of options. We can help you maximize your purchasing power and minimize technical challenges. We can help you identify potential threats to life and property. These assessments can help you design a comprehensive and cost-effective surveillance system customized to your needs.