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Setup within minutes, rapid deployment portable surveillance systems empower law enforcement surveillance and military ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) agents with portable security systems, to quickly identify security threats. Portable surveillance allows US Customs and Border Patrol agents can detect & track danger using portable surveillance, virtual fence and smart analytics software.  

Speedy Setup, Easy Use.  Our Portable Surveillance cameras are constructed with a Rapid Deployment design and no tools are required to setup. Open the system; deploy the portable surveillance cameras in moments. The touch-screen monitor allows the operator to easily view all devices, amplify a perspective, manipulate the cameras and no special skills are required to operate. Our portable surveillance system is shielded by a rugged case with a unique ventilation design, allowing a locked system (closed) to survey and record activities in the absence of supervision.

Real-Time Portable Surveillance.  The portable surveillance system boasts 4 to 100+ cameras of IP, PTZ and megapixel cameras. The portable security system has intelligent power technology that automatically detects the input power, charges internal batteries and seamlessly switches between all sources. The portable system can operate on internal batteries, 120/230Vac, external 12-30Vdc batteries or vehicle power – allowing operation across many environments.  

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