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VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) also known as Cloud Surveillance, is video security for home, business and infrastructure. Your surveillance cameras connect to your existing internet connection while the live security video is sent to a cloud data center where the security video is recorded and only accessible by whoever is given access by you. Your surveillance footage is safely secured and becomes readily available at any moment you choose to view it.

Cloud Surveillance is armed with unlimited resources making it scalable for any size application, without geographical limitation. Instantly monitor cameras or review video footage with 24/7/365 to your cloud surveillance system. Manage any number of surveillance locations from anywhere, at anytime, all accessible from a single login. No DVR equipment is required to purchase, install or maintain. No software is required and it works on nearly every computer, tablet and smart phone.

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Who needs Cloud Surveillance hosting?

  • Clients who do not want to invest financial resources in local DVR equipment.
  • Clients who have a large number of remote users such as: childcare facilities, city government and construction sites.
  • Clients who do not want to purchase and maintain local video storage drives and other hardware.
  • Clients who do not have the space for a local surveillance system.
  • Clients who need to monitor multiple locations, without having to access each one separately.
  • Clients who want security video stored off-site and easily accessible from one login. 

Client Access 

Benefits of Cloud Surveillance hosting?

  • No local DVR or NVR equipment.
  • No fear of data loss due to drive failure or theft.
  • No geographical limitation for cameras
  • Compatible with 60+ camera manufacturers and 900+ cameras including megapixel, PTZ and video encoders for legacy cameras. 
  • Scalable to unlimited cameras, video storage and user accounts.
  • Web access 24/7/365, from anywhere.
  • Multi-location monitoring from a single login
  • Status and event notifications.
  • Monitor live, playback and export security video.
  • Client facility/E-map showing all cameras.
  • Server or client side motion detection.
  • Managed cloud surveillance servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited helpdesk support.
  • Software is always up-to-date.
  • Software is approved for State/Government systems.
  • Private label accounts available. 

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